Log Cabins And Homes


​​Wicked Willow Log Works

* Milled Log 7 To 12 Inches IN Diameter 

* UP To Any Length

* Sold by Leaner Foot Of Log 

* Easy To Work With Measurements AS       Each Log Is The Same 

* No Less That Three Inches Of Contact       Between Each Log

* Less Shrinkage Than Traditional Log          Homes   

* All Holes Are Pre Drilled For Ease Of         Electric lines and pins

* Simple To Insulate 

* Easy To Put In Interior Walls 

* Able To Add Character To Beams To         Give More Rustic Feel

* Quick Turn Around Time On Builds 

* No Solid Wall Prices Meaning Windows       And Doors Are Not Included In Log           Price Saving You Money    

* Logs Are Dry and Ready To Be Milled 

* On Sight Set Up Is Included in the Price 

* Log Packages Right To Turn Key Homes 

* Able To Ship To Remote Places  

* Endless Possibilities For Size And             Design