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Wicked Willow Log Works INC

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Sundre, AB T0M 0N0, Canada

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Heartfelt words from the family

In 2014, as a rodeo star riding bulls and a farther to be , I built  a yard swing set and a bed room set to impress .Friends and family saw these items and wanted to acquire them as well.  Suddenly there was more and more interest in the creations that my wife and i were in the log furniture business in no time . We would create character wood pieces and stunning products made with love and soul right here in our garage workshop. As the  demand and request for new products grew ,we also had  to expand dramatically .There are a few simple ideas that has driven our success, governed our philosophy, and created our company culture since the beginning. We absolutely respond to customer expectations, dreams and budgets. We adore our customers.

We show our best efforts every single day with everything we do.  passion for our customers and desire for quality and affordability shows with our work , in our sales and how we make it a comfortable , fun, exciting experience .  We are always growing and educating for improvement as we work to provide quality rustic, modern products within budgets and fulfilling dreams.  Our commitment to fulfill our customers rustic furnishing requests has led us to set the standard for product variety and customization of rustic designs. we now offer hundreds of products with many options,  flexibility of dimension changes,and a variety of stains for virtually limitless possibilities. We invite you to imagine the possibilities of transforming your land,  home, lodge , restaurants, hotel or cabin into a rustic abode dream with our extensive line of rustic products using both wood and metal. We understand far beyond anything as an artisan what we can create lies within the craft of bringing out hidden beauty of nature in creations.  Above all else , we hope our efforts  will inspire you to realize your true rustic aspirations and dreams to help create that genuine indoor and out door rustic modern log experience.