Non permanent residence 

Foundations: A wood 6x6 skid is the most common way to get started with a smaller cabin. We ask that a gravel pad or pad of sort is put in first.  Concrete blocks polly and treated 2x6 are put down to keep the 6x6 off the ground.  The sub floor can be 3x6 treated pine to make a solid non insulated floor. The sub floor can also be framed sheeted and insulated to suite you needs. When doing the roof system we offer 1x6 and 2x6 pine t&g, poly trusses ,insulation sheeted with ply wood and then either shingles or tin.   

Permanent residence 

For building a permanent residence we are able to build to lock up or turn key most times with a local contractor whom  is hired to build the foundation,  sub floor, main electrical, roof, attain the finishing permits and any home warranty. This is making us a vendor to you in supplying the log package for your build. It is important that you the client finds the proper hardworking like us General Contractor as a majority of the over all cost of the building will be through them. We are able to help contractors understand our process to make it an easy process for all parties involved . We will always be there for you and them to help and during if needed for all questions. 

Building Process

Permanant  & Non Permanat residense

 Log Package 

includes all the logs needed pre cut and drilled to complete your build. This option the logs would be ready. numbered and be trucked out of Sundre ab 

Log tape and screws can also be added to this package

Keep in mind we will always avaliable for any questions or for hire to help set up as well. 

Turn Key

​Most turn key buildings through us will require other contractors and  or trades each project to quoted within local prices. Turn Key is a very detailed quote and normally requires a few meetings to go through all the details of the build. 

Built to lock up 

Building to lock up normally involves us delivering the entire package or kit to site and assembling the whole package from ground up to include , chinking, staining,  installing windows and doors,  sub floor for foundations we offer wood skid or steel piles. A set of log plans that can be engineered.  

Shipping & Set Up

Building Cabins ,Cottages, Homes 

Common Types Of Packages  

It is important to know your options and what you are wanting for a residence. Whether you are building a permanent or non permanent residence. This is your first step into planning your build.  Contact your County and educate yourself on what the specifics are regarding buildings and their legalities and permits in your area . There are different regulations when it comes to building a cabin or a home . This information needs to be collected as it has every thing to do with getting a proper quote to best suite both your budget and needs as well as what we can do to create your dreams.  

Log Package

Our Logs are a air dried pine round milled log product. The Lathe will produce 8,9,10 inch building logs up to 26 feet long. The logs are sold by the liner foot and include all the copes and notches to put together on site. We offer predrilling for electrical,  precut all windows and doors,  as well as pre cut gable ends.  We also add in a loft system using logs that tie right into the walls . Each of the logs are numbered for the  ease of set up. Our designing of the log package starts out with basic measurements starting with the floor measurements example 20 by 22 then wall height example 8,9,10 foot high walls with the option of half loft or full loft.  We pre cut out windows and doors so it is important to have an idea of window and door measurements and placement to get a proper quote.  

We offer the logs to be stained on site using a airless spray gun, as well as following by hand brushed . The main finishes we use are Sikkens and Sansin. When choosing the colour scheme we have brochures and as well all the information can be found on line . We also offer and highly recommend having the building chinked even though our logs are dry milled logs the chinking seals them tight and protects from bugs and weather issues.    

Stainning and Chinking 

We offer an option to have the log package delivered and set up with care by our team . The logs are a dry pine from the mill. The logs have an insulation foam tape installed to the logs which then are stacked into bundles,  wrapped and then banded together and then loaded onto the truck ready to be delivered. Once on site we normally have a boom truck or picker truck to lift the logs into place. 

Cabin Cottage Log home kits 

We are able to supply entire kits including sub floor, the roof, all hardware, the  windows, doors, your choice of stain and chinking for all cabins cottages and homes These are available to all be trucked out of Sundre A.b

We are available for questions and help anytime during set up as well

Wicked Willow Log Works INC

Home Owner Builds

Permanent or non permanent the home owner can opt to build or hire a contractor to complete the build. We are able to be hired and fully assist what our process is to complete the build. Whatever we can do to make the Customer comfortable and the Contractors best helped.  Our goal is to have customers love the product and make it a exciting , comfortable process for all involved.